Running the WS-I Conformance Report

The WS-I Conformance Report generates a report that details if and how the schema complies with the Web Services Interoperability Profile guidelines.


  1. Select the schema is selected in the Schema Library and click Analyse.
  2. After you select the WS-I Conformance Report in the Analysis Settings dialog, click Next to proceed.
  3. The WS-I Conformance Report Options dialog is displayed.
  4. Select the options that you want to use for generating the report.
    • Test Assertions: Select the type of analysis to perform
    • Show Result Types: Select which results to display in the report
    • Result Options: Select which options to display with results (use Ctrl or Shift to select multiple options)
    • Port: If available, select the port in the schema that you want to analyze.
  5. Click Next to proceed and the report is generated and displayed in the next window.
  6. When finished with the report, click Finish.