Creating defects in HP Quality Center tool

When the integration with the HP Quality Center tool is set up, you can create the defect directly from HCL OneTest™ API.

Before you begin

Set up integration with the change management tool that you want to raise a defect with. For more information, see Setting up the integration with the change management tools.

About this task

Restriction: HP Quality Center Change Management integration is only available with HCL OneTest™ API (32-bit).

To raise a defect:


  1. Open the Change Management dialog. For more information, see Creating defects in the integrated change management tool.
  2. Change the default options by selecting other values from the available fields. For example, you might want to change the defect severity and priority.
    • If the values for the Priority field and Severity field were changed in the HP Quality Center client, these values will be available when you raise defects from HCL OneTest™ API.
    • If the selected HP Quality Center project has custom required test fields that are defined, you can change those fields.
  3. Verify that the default Summary text for the new defect is correct. The default text is created automatically according to the name of the HCL OneTest™ API resource.
  4. Optional: Add custom text to the default defect description, which includes a HCL OneTest™ API link to be included in the defect.

    Raise defect in HP Quality Center

  5. When all of the provider options are correct, click Create to create the defect.

    The issue is created and a confirmation dialog is displayed.

    Confirmation for defect creation

  6. Click Finish to close the dialog.
  7. Start HP Quality Center and log in to your project. To see the defect that you created in HCL OneTest™ API, click Defects and select that defect in HP Quality Center.

    Raised defect in HP Quality Center