Pass paths

You can define action sequences to be carried out when a subscription-based action passes (that is, Subscribe, Receive Request, and Receive Reply).

The Add pass path option can be selected from a test action’s menu.

The image illustrates how you can configure a test to handle two different messages that are sent on the same subject or topic:

Both subscribers are using the same topic name and they are placed within an Action Group so that they both receive the same messages. The validation is set up so that it passes in the first one with an Order Message and in the second one with a Cancel Message. If an order message comes in, the first subscriber passes validation and execute the pass path steps. In this case, a user interaction is run, but any number of steps is possible. The same order message is processed in parallel by the second subscriber. In this case it fails validation but the error is trapped and the pass step is executed.

For a Cancel Message, the opposite happens (that is, the first subscriber ignores the message while the second subscriber processes it).

Note: If you change the action type for a test step (for example, Subscribe to Publish), any existing pass paths are removed.