Testing with IBM z/OS Connect

HCL OneTest™ API provides a physical resource to interact with z/OS Connect. You use this resource to import the RESTful API definitions into HCL OneTest™ API, and generate tests and stubs against the imported resources. You can test the RESTful APIs or applications that were already defined or use the virtual services provided by HCL OneTest™ API stubs to simulate a different behavior.

Before you begin

The following table lists the software requirements:
Requirement Description
HCL OneTest™ API 9.0.1 Earlier versions of HCL OneTest™ API 9.0.1 do not support IBM z/OS Connect Profile.
IBM z/OS Connect 2.0 or later You need access to an IBM z/OS Connect Profile before you can use HCL OneTest™ API with IBM z/OS Connect.

For more information about IBM z/OS Connect Enterprise Edition, see the online product documentation.

About this task

The following limitations apply to testing and virtualization with IBM z/OS Connect Enterprise Edition:
  • z/OS Connect functions in the same way as the registry resources such as IBM API management and WebSphere Service Registry and Repository.
  • One z/OS Connect physical resource in HCL OneTest™ API can be mapped to only one z/OS Connect profile. To map to multiple z/OS Connect profiles, create as many z/OS Connect physical resources.
  • z/OS Connect provides Swagger definition document for the RESTful services (APIs) only, and not for the SOAP services (WSDL document).

What to do next

Create a physical z/OS Connect transport as described in Creating a physical z/OS Connect transport.