Setting up the HP Application Lifecycle Management 12.2 and 12.5 server

To enable the integration with HP Quality Center 12.x, you must deploy the HCL OneTest™ API additional files to the ALM 12.x Server.

Before you begin

  • Log in as an administrator on the Application Lifecycle Management server to update the files.
Note: Before you migrate the projects that contain HCL OneTest™ API integration tests from one version of Quality Center to another, you must set up the ALM server to enable the integration with HCL OneTest™ API.

About this task

The HCL OneTest™ API plug-in files must be added to the ALM application folder, qcbin, that is by default available in the C:\ProgramData\HP\ALM\webapps folder.


  1. Shut down the HP Application Lifecycle Management Server.
  2. Locate the HCL OneTest™ API installation files and extract it to a temporary location on the server. For setting up HP ALM 12.x server, extract the file.
  3. Locate the qcbin folder in the ALM Deployment Directory/webapps folder.

    On Windows 2008 Server and Windows 2012 Server, the default location is C:\ProgramData\HP\ALM\webapps.

  4. If they do not exist, create the following folders in qcbin.
    • CustomTestTypes
    • Extensions
  5. Copy the following files from the HCL OneTest™ API installation files to the qcbin folder.
    Table 1. File location and destination for deployment
    Source Destination
    • QualityCenterServerDist11_5\CustomTestTypes\IntegrationTester.ini
    • QualityCenterServerDist11_5\Extensions\*
    • QualityCenterServerDist11_5\HP\ALM\repository\sa\DomsInfo\Metadata\TEST\GH-Tester.xml
    • ALM Deployment Directory\webapps\qcbin\CustomTestTypes
    • ALM Deployment Directory\webapps\qcbin\Extensions
    • ALM Deployment Directory\repository\sa\DomsInfo\Metadata\TEST
  6. Stop the Application Lifecycle Management server and then start the server.
  7. After ALM is started, log in to Site Administrator as a user with administrator privileges.
  8. On the Tools menu, click Update Test Types and click Yes to confirm (the update can take several minutes).