Testing with IBM z/OS Connect Enterprise Edition

IBM® z/OS® Connect Enterprise Edition provides a framework for enabling z/OS®-based programs and data to fully participate in the new API economy for mobile and cloud applications. Use IBM® z/OS® Connect Enterprise Edition to access z/OS subsystems, such as CICS®, IMS™ and Batch, by using RESTful APIs with JSON formatted messages. You can access multiple z/OS subsystems concurrently through a common interface.
IBM® z/OS® Connect Enterprise Edition helps you deliver benefits for an enterprise in the following ways:
  • Provides intuitive workstation-based tooling for you to create RESTful APIs from traditional z/OS-based assets, regardless of your z/OS skill levels. You can adapt the core business assets that run on z/OS can easily be adapted to the latest mobile and cloud communication techniques and message protocol formats.
  • Makes incorporation of z/OS data and transactions into the applications easy, independent of the location of mobile and cloud application developers (whether on premise or outside) or their knowledge about the z/OS subsystems. The z/OS resources are displayed as any other RESTful API.

HCL OneTest™ API provides a physical resource to interact with z/OS Connect. You use this resource to import the RESTful API definitions into HCL OneTest™ API, and generate tests and stubs against the imported resources. You can test the RESTful APIs or applications that were already defined or use the virtual services provided by HCL OneTest™ API stubs to simulate a different behavior.