Subscribing to IDocs

In HCL OneTest™ API, the Subscribe messaging action is used to retrieve IDocs from an SAP system.
Subscribing to an IDoc involves creating a test in the Test Factory perspective, adding a Subscribe messaging action to the test, and configuring the Subscribe action.
Note: With a version of HCL OneTest™ API earlier than 8.6.0, you can subscribe to only single IDocs. With HCL OneTest™ API 8.6.0 or later, you can subscribe to both single and packaged IDocs; however, full support for packaged IDocs is available only for versions of SAP PI earlier than 7.31.
The subscriber mode options are as follows:
  • Participate mode (the default) requires making changes to the routing rules used by the SAP system, which might not be possible or feasible.
    Note: Before selecting this mode, you should consult the administrator of the SAP system.
  • Watch mode is less intrusive than Participate mode. If you select this mode, HCL OneTest™ API monitors the flow of IDocs of the subscribed type through the target system.
    Note: If you want to record IDocs or subscribe to them in watch mode, you need to install the IDoc Monitor RFC. Installation instructions are available in <installation directory>\tools\SAP.
    Note: Watch mode is not available for SAP PI 7.3.1 or later.