Checking in projects

You can check in an existing HCL OneTest™ API project.

About this task

After you use the software configuration management (SCM) application in HCL OneTest API to install the appropriate Eclipse team provider for your SCM system, you can use the source control features of HCL OneTest API. For information about how to use the SCM application while you are working in your project, see Working with the different Views in the SCM application.

The following steps provide an example of how to share a HCL OneTest API project by using an SVN repository. An SVN repository is enabled by using the Subclipse team provider. For information about team providers, see HCL OneTest API and software configuration management tools.


  1. Start HCL OneTest API.
  2. Either create a new project or open an existing project.
  3. Click File > Source Control.
    • If one provider is installed, the repository location window for the repository opens.
    • If more than one provider is installed, you can select one from the Share Project window. Then, click Next.

      Share Project wizard

    • If you want to add support for another team provider, click Cancel. Then, review HCL OneTest API and software configuration management tools.
    • If the current project is already shared by using source control, the project is displayed in the HCL OneTest API Tools window. You do not need to perform the remaining steps in this procedure.
  4. Configure the connection to an existing repository by using the screens that are provided for the provider. In the example, a project is shared with an SVN repository.
  5. Select whether you want to create a new repository location or use an existing location. Then, click Next. In this example, Create a new repository location is selected.

    Share Project wizard

  6. Enter the repository URL or select from the list of recently used URLs. Then, click Next.
    Share Project wizard
  7. Select whether you want to use the project name as the folder name in the repository, or whether you want to specify a new name. Then, click Next.

    Share Project wizard

  8. You can enter a comment or select a previously entered comment. Then, click Finish.

    Share Project wizard

  9. If prompted, you can enter an author name for the new project. Then, click OK.

    Enter SVN Author Name window

    In the HCL OneTest API Tools window, the shared project is displayed on the Synchronize tab.

  10. Expand the project folder. An outgoing icon outgoing icon indicates an outgoing change in a component, meaning that the updated item is not yet committed to the repository.
    1. To commit the project to the repository, click the commit-all-outgoing-changes icon commit-all-outgoing-changes icon.
      Attention: It is a best practice to commit the entire project. Selecting individual components might cause problems.
    2. In the Commit window, enter any comments. Then, click OK.
      Commit window

      After the project is committed and checked in, it is displayed in the HCL OneTest API Tools window.