Adding other scripting languages

In addition to ECMAScript, you can customize HCL OneTest™ API to use other scripting languages. The language must provide a .jar archive that implements the Java™ Scripting API and that you can embed in the product.

For more information about the Java Scripting API, see the Java Scripting Programmer's Guide.

Example: Adding Groovy script to HCL OneTest API

For example, to add Groovy script to HCL OneTest API, complete the following steps:
  1. From the Groovy website, download the latest stable release.
  2. Extract the archive file to a local directory.
  3. Copy the groovy-2.4.0\embeddable\groovy-all-x.x.x.jar file into the HCL OneTest API installation directory:
  4. Restart HCL OneTest API.
  5. Groovy is displayed as an option in the drop-down menu for the Function.
Note: An agent that runs stubs that include Groovy scripts must have the Groovy .jar file on its classpath. If the file is not present in the classpath, the agent throws a null pointer exception.